New illustration for KoffeeMix

These are the latest pieces made for Koffee Mix, located at La Gran Vía mall, in El Salvador. I was commissioned to illustrate a new scene for the kiosk, it was inspired by the art of meditation and Magic! I also designed a banner for the shopping mall and new menus for new products. /
Las últimas piezas elaboradas para Koffee Mix, sucursal La Gran Vía, en El Salvador. Se me comisionó una nueva ilustración, inspirada en el poder de la MEDITACIÓN y la MAGIA, así como la decoración del kiosco, banner para el centro comercial y nuevos menús insertos.
La Magia del Café


KoffeeMix Coffee Shop: Corporate Image and Interior Graphic Design

I started working for KoffeeMix in the year 2004 when I was asked to design the first shop corporate image located in San Benito (San Salvador). The main thing was to create the feeling of the interior of the place, which I did by creating some digital murals and a wall menu, with the main character portrayed by the real owner and the whole concept was a romantic coffee picker on an hacienda. During the years, the character evolved (2010) and became into some kind of a goddess in touch with her feelings and inner power, that´s why I used the phrase The Magic of Coffee and then the murals told a story, which became part of the magic at the place. The corporate image included the Logotype, menus, murals, stickers, cups and some advertising pieces.