My style has changed a lot as I explore my own limitations, so I could say that it´s become more elaborated and eclectic. My personal projects now, have to do with almost psychedelic scenes that depict magical, social and channeled information.
This illustration is still in process, but is part of what I´m talking about, and it´s going to be for an interior environment. I channeled this whole drawing as the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was happening in the atlantic ocean a few years ago -april 2010- (which is still affecting as you read this) Whales and dolphins just showed up as I was drawing, so there´s a message behind it, beyond our regular comprehension!




Being a graphic designer and ILLUSTRATOR gives me the chance to create characters and scenes required for any design, so here are just a few samples of what I´ve done in the past.




Advertising Illustration/ Ilustración en piezas publicitarias